1989 Joy Grubb;

Joy was awarded Drysdale’s first ever Life Membership at the netball club. In 19–  she was lured by then President Laurelle Stratton and her committee as a senior coach to begin a new era of coaching. With Joy at the helm Drysdale attracted several new great players that had the same passion for netball as she did.  Joy had dedicated her life to netball at the club and the only payments she received over her 20 + years was petrol money. Joy continued to coach all juniors and senior sides for 18 years until she resigned in 19– Some of her rules included “no train = no play” Correct uniform was compulsory. She would often call us the wrong name but we knew exactly who she meant. Only our best was expected and absolutely No Boys at training!

1994 Jillian Hommelhoff.

Jill was a player and President at DFNC. She mainly played defence positions

1994 Laurelle Stratton,

Laurelle was a player and President at the club. Usually GS

1998 Pamela Rawson.

Pam was a long serving player and President at the club. Predominantly played GD and later GK.

1998 Michelle Davis.

Michelle joined the club as a young 15 year old in 1986, after  Joy Grubb coached her as an inter-league representative player. Michelle was impressed by Joy’s dedication and passion for the game and was thrilled to be playing with players with her same love of the game. Joy coached her hard and soon prepared her to trial for the Victorian State Netball team. Michelle has never wavered her dedication to the club and continues to be an asset by leading the club as President. After an awkward landing while playing in the 1990 Grand Final, a knee re-construction was required which slowed her down and she went MIA overseas for a year of recovery. She holds the record for retirement comebacks at approx. 10 times but still in 2016 continues to support the club as a dedicated member and President.

2001 Lorna Oliver RIP 2016

2001 Julie Stewart

2003 Janine O’Connor

2003 Jodi Connally

2003 Karen Trewhella

2004 Ingrid Burnett

2006 Sharon Wilson

2009 Jess Maddock

2011 Rebecca Blair

2011 Lisa Collins

2013 Nicole McGrath

2013 Leanne Chirgwin

2015 Emma Taylor